Development of electronics, automation systems, software
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Development of electronics, control systems, related software

Description of work / development in any form

Development of analog, analog-digital devices. Galvanically isolated RS interfaces, analog and digital sensors, GLONASS GPS, GSM, radio CC1101, USB, IR, UPS power supply devices, chargers, EAS anti theft systems, touch buttons, the device with minimum power consumption, data collection devices, web servers with peripherals controllers.

Priorities: algorithms, adapt to the field of application development, prospects of expanding device functionality, reliability solutions, mass production with a minimum of cost, ease of assembly and maintenance.

Development and production of devices with technical support.

1.Software development under Windows, Unix FreeBSD, AVR microcontrollers. C ++, C #, ASP.NET, AVR Assembler, x86 Assembler
2. Development of schematic diagrams, printed circuit boards, controller firmware, the accompanying software
3. Layout design, debugging, production samples
4. Analysis and rework of electronic equipment
5. Production, Technical Support

Development on the basis of single-board computers interfaced with a various e-strapping.

Dealing with legal entities and individuals, the payment under the contract to the bank account

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